About Homeless Interviews : Project “H.i.”

Homeless Interviews was a docu-series film concept created by David Leach with the intent to accomplish two goals: Document the ever increasing homeless individuals throughout the world to tell their stories and hardships. Secondly: to present the (full) concept to a major television network.

Initially a single interview was filmed, edited, and uploaded to Youtube and Vimeo.com as part of promoting the (related) kickstarter campaign. The entire filming, editing, and music scores were created by David and his friend (and part-time employee) Brendan Wilson. Ultimately the kickstarter campaign did not succeed, however David decided to continue with the project and self finance it.

Over the next two years 8 more episodes were produced and uploaded to youtube and Vimeo. Though students at both USC and UCLA displayed interest to help the project, ultimately Homeless Interviews did not succeed.

In 2017 all 9 episodes were removed (made private) from Youtube and Vimeo by David Leach. His reasoning and full interview can be read here.