Welcome, you’ve found the home of Project H.i. (Homeless Interviews). The idea for Project “H.i” was actually conceived in 2006 however until recently it wasn’t actually put into momentum. One of the very first things I feel should be mentioned is that in no way am I attempting to exploit homeless individuals, I only film those who want to talk, who want to tell their story, talk about their life, who want to say something to a family member or lost loved one. This is their story not mine.

Project H.i. is a film project in the works. I wouldn’t exactly call it a documentary, because that just seems to much like a “boxed” term. Think of Project H.i. like a quasi PostSecret.com version of video interviews with homeless individuals who tell their stories and experiences. But there’s more to it...

I initially interviewed a few homeless people in 2006, but never made the work public, at the time I didn’t have a place to put it, I didn’t have a website for it, and Youtube wasn’t a global phenomenon yet, Vimeo didn’t exist, so I sat on the footage. It wasn’t until recently that I was inspired by a friend to move forward from scratch with the concept.

I met him on Flickr.com in late 2006, his name is P.S. Zollo (Paul), he is very genuine soul, who happens to be a highly credited photographer/author and songwriter. What caught my attention to his photos was that every single photo was accompanied by a story about the individual being photographed, coincidentally some of his subjects were homeless people.

P.S. Zollo’s pictures, with their stories, truly captures the soul, the heart of every individual he photographs is stored forever in that snapshot.  Paul Zollo in part, inspired me to move forward with the project I had conceived so long ago.

I’m a passionate filmmaker and I firmly believe that a filmmaker has the ability to capture feelings, anger, love, resentment, what is captured becomes a petrified moment, remembering the little details long after all of us have forgotten. I intend to film 50 interviews with homeless individuals throughout California. If everything goes as planned, I will eventually increase that number and film these stories across the U.S. Maybe one day overseas. The textual versions of the stories will be hosted online, the videos will be made into a documentary/film.

Each and every story is entirely different and unique, but they all share one thing in common, they become stored testaments of that person’s life, and sadly, it may be the last time that person is recorded or seen, but hopefully...quiet possibly, we can change that. I will present the stories in an pure and artful way, some will be in black and white, some may have special effects, some may be presented untouched.

As attention builds, it is possible someone will see a lost loved one, or maybe a child will be reunited with his/her family, the possibilities are endless, and with the internet and online community, anything really can happen.

/The average homeless person is 40 - women tend to be younger.

/ 33% to 50% are female.  Men make up about 75% of the single population.

/ About 46% to 79% do not receive public benefits to which they are entitled.

/ 22% to 45% are in families, typically headed by a single mother.

/ An estimated 15% are physically disabled.

/ 41% of adults were employed within last year but lost their jobs.

/ 16% to 20% of adults are employed.

/ Less than 22% are mentally ill.

/ As children, 27% lived in foster care or group homes; 25% were physically or sexually abused

/ 32%-61% of single individuals have substance abuse issues.

/ 48% graduated from high school; 32% had a bachelor degree or higher


I’m currently looking for funding, I have a lot of the equipment already, but there are some things I still need, but majority of the funding needed goes to crew, it is a mammoth sized job! To travel, film and edit the enormous amounts of footage it’s going to take a collaborative effort with a full crew. You can help by donating, to do so simply contact us via email.

We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted , unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty.                                                      -Mother Teresa

*This is NOT a charity, this is a FILM effort.