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/The average homeless person is 40 - women tend to be younger.

/ 33% to 50% are female.  Men make up about 75% of the single population.

/ About 46% to 79% do not receive public benefits to which they are entitled.

/ 22% to 45% are in families, typically headed by a single mother.

/ An estimated 15% are physically disabled.

/ 41% of adults were employed within last year but lost their jobs.

/ 16% to 20% of adults are employed.

/ Less than 22% are mentally ill.

/ As children, 27% lived in foster care or group homes; 25% were physically or sexually abused

/ 32%-61% of single individuals have substance abuse issues.

/ 48% graduated from high school; 32% had a bachelor degree or higher

I’m currently looking for funding, I have a lot of the equipment already, but there are some things I still need, but majority of the funding needed goes to crew, it is a mammoth sized job! To travel, film and edit the enormous amounts of footage it’s going to take a collaborative effort with a full crew. To help you can start by visiting our Kickstarter page by clicking the link above or clicking HERE.

Images courtesy of P.S Zollo @ Flickr

We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted , unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty.                                                      -Mother Teresa

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